July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: My New Camera

My step mom is letting me use her old camera, a Nikon D70. Coolest Thing Ever! Here are some shots I took this week. [Oh and don't judge too harshly photo experts, I have a LOT to learn still!]

Miss A swinging... camera lit her up in such a cool way!

Miss A's precious little hand, holding on tight! 

Blurry, but I thought Miss A's little baby hand was too cute!

This is definitely the coolest picture I've ever taken of a tree in the sunset!

Flying Bird

Storm is Brewing

 Pretty flowers that my step mom also gave to me. <3

This was a very random "wordless" wednesday but I was really excited to share some pictures. I'm so excited to finally have a nice camera to take high quality pictures for my blog and personal keepsakes!


  1. Nice pictures! The flowers are my favorite! We have a D3100 and I still have no idea how to use it, nor do I take the time(I don't have) to learn. I really need to though!

    1. Thanks, the flowers are my favorite too! I have found that the best way to learn to use the camera is by snapping tons of pictures. I'm just learning as I go... it would be nice if I could find time to look through the manual though too!


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