May 1, 2012

How To Get Rid of Acne Caused By Pregnancy

I want to share an excellent tip I just learned from a friend on how to rid acne.

I've always had a fairly clear face with the exception of puberty and the occasional breakout that cleared up with Clearasil. (I have always been a big fan of all Clearasil products. Their products just work great for my skin.) I have never needed to visit a dermatologist.

Then my whole world changed and I got pregnant.

My hormones got out of whack and BAM.

Uncontrollable acne. 

Nine months later, I popped out my baby.

Uncontrollable acne.

Another nine months later... My acne is still a problem.

What do I do? I complain to my best friend. She tells me that her doctor gave her the cure-all solution.
This solution is SIMPLE.

Wash your face two times daily with a bar of Dial soap. 

Nothing girly and soft feeling like Aveeno, Clinique, or Dove. Dial.
Funky smelling, boring, old, been there, done that, your grandpa uses Dial.

I laughed at my friend and said "Ugh... BAR SOAP? *grumble* okay..." I ignored her advice and then complained to her once again a few days later.
She says, "You seriously need to try Dial. It works. It dries up your skin and clears away the acne."

A few more days of grumbling about Dial and I broke down and bought it. Boring, old, non-feminine, plain Dial.

And now my face is miraculously free of acne. I didn't even have to wash my face twice a day and my pores have already shrunken down after a few uses. My forehead is much clearer now and it doesn't bother me at all anymore. Thank you Dial. Thank you friend for sharing valuable information with a pizza faced new mother.

So there you have it! The easy solution to rid acne caused by pregnancy! I really suggest you all try it. Very simple and cheap. Double bonus! =)


  1. Awesome,
    thanks much for the share,
    very much important for pregnant women.
    We can even get rid of acne through multiple other natural methods :)

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