April 27, 2012

The Worst Change Since Pregnancy: Strong Gag Reflex

Besides the normal pregnancy/motherhood changes that I will mention only to send my complaints out into the world... (pause)

I still have stretch marks.
I still lactate. (I stopped breastfeeding almost five months ago.)
I am permanently sleep deprived. 
My brain no longer cooperates like it used to. Read here for a failed attempt at explaining myself.
Due to toy overload & my 9 month old's undeveloped cleaning abilities, I cannot keep my house clean.
(resume) ... I ALSO have the worst gag reflex ever now! This is the real reason for my post. I NEED to complain about this because I just do not understand it. It is so bad that I constantly presume to think I am pregnant with a second child! And with all the chaos of sorting out my life with my first baby, that thought is not a happy-naked-baby-floating-on-clouds-with-bunnies thought. It is downright terrifying.

My symptoms consist of the normal gagging at the sight or smell of unpleasant things like curdling baby formula left in a bottle for three weeks or dog poop squished between your toes. But also the thought of unpleasant things...

Miss A ate something off the floor today, gagged, and vomited it up right in front of me. I ran, while gagging, to get a cloth for her and my carpet, and then instantly had to run, teary eyed and gagging, back to the bathroom... When I regained my sense of composure, I came back and realize she gagged on a piece of old salami... that she threw on the floor many many hours earlier. Needless to say, I ran back to the bathroom. Thankfully I have only threw up a few times with these gagging episodes. Usually I just get all teary eyed and upset my stomach. 

Often, I just feel nauseous/gaggy (Can I say that?) for no reason at all. Today I literally gagged without anything unpleasant in mind or sight. I ate my healthy dinner at 4:30pm and around 7:00pm I was gagging for fun. I laid down while Miss A napped because I felt slightly nauseous (from gagging?) and it took all my effort NOT to gag while laying down in bed. What is my problem?

List of Reasons I Gag (pleasant huh?)
  • Nasal Dripping in Back of Throat
  • Excess Phlegm
  • Spoiled Milk
  • Scent of Bananas (too powerful)/ Other Strong Scents
  • Changing Dirty Diapers
  • Watching Amelia Eat Catfood
  • Watching Anyone Eat Something Gross/ Raw Eggs
  • Some Meat/ Too Much Meat/ Nasty Ground Beef/ Raw Meat/ Red Meat
  • Eat Too Much/ Eat Too Little
  • Brushing Tongue

Just writing this post is making my stomach queasy. I am not exaggerating either.

Now I didn't have the perfect, strong stomach before but gagging was NEVER an issue until my first trimester of pregnancy hit me full force. I wasn't the pregnant lady who threw up every morning, but I was the pregnant lady who gagged dozens of times throughout the day. SO... VOILA-- GUESS WHAT-- My strong, powerful gag reflex has decided to stick with me on my battle through life. I'm so lucky. I told my doctor about this when I saw her four months ago but I was recovering from bronchitis so she said that I would most likely get over it. She was helpful. AND WRONG! (LIKE USUAL!) Oh my bad, that's another issue.

But hey-- life is good! At least I have a cute little baby girl now... to gag at every second of the day.


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