April 22, 2012


Husband got forced to work three 12 hour days in a row.
I never see him anymore.
Baby did NOT sleep well last night... woke up every hour crying.
Turns out baby is sick. Running Nose. Cough. Red Cheeks. The Whole Works.
Husband comes home at 5am again tonight.  (Started work at 5pm.)
I work tomorrow at 8am.
Grandma can't watch baby til 12:30pm tomorrow.
Can't bring baby else where because she is sick and we don't have a formal babysitter to pay. 
I'm forced to call off work for the first half of my day tomorrow. LAST NOTICE. Can't call in til morning.
[Probably contributing to the reason women are discriminated against in the workforce.]
Been only partially successful cuddly & comforting my crying baby all day and night.
Bought a pack of disposable diapers for $40 today, accidentally. [Thought they were only $20.]
Too late to return them because we broke open the box & changed baby's diaper before paying.
Feeling guilty for not using cloth diapers for an entire month.
Disposables make her poor little bum bright red from diaper rash. gDiapers are much better with that issue.
Feeling guilty for giving up baby sign language.
[I still sign bottle, diaper, clean, dirty, more, I Love You, Water, and All Done... but what's the point if no one else does.]
Barely have time to reflect on how my own life is not going in the direction I want it to.
I'm stuck, feeling hopeless, and giving up on my own life.
Praying for sick baby to sleep through the night tonight.
Praying she is all better by morning and that I'm not sick.


  1. Wow! That's a lot, and I have no idea how it feels. I will say this. You love Bill and Amelia and therefore they love you. Bill and Amelia love you and thus you love them. More often than not love prevails, and more often than not, when it does you look back at the hard times a laugh, and say "How the hell did we make it?". It doesn't matter how you make it though, it matters THAT you make it. You and your family will, it's the whole aforementioned love prevails thing.Until then, there's ice-cream and wine. =)

    1. ICE CREAM & WINE. Hmmmm, are you suggesting I make a wine float?? Wonder how that would taste! lol

    2. I enjoy them separately, but you should try that and posts pics of your face post wine-float consumption. :P


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