April 7, 2012

Let the Bedtime & Naptime Tantrums Begin!

I know when my baby is tired. Not only does she start to get crabby and rub her eyes profusely, but she refuses to be satisfied by ANYTHING. No toys, kitties, lullabies, or pacifiers will ease her into comfort. She is just overtired. Plain and simple.

As soon as I walk into Miss A's room with her in my arms, the tears instantly begin to flow. She knows she's about to be placed in her crib. The baby cage. Her jail cell. If I sing her the ABCs or Itsy Bitsy Spider, then she will hold off and cry the moment she is set into her crib. That's a start. If I have a warm bottle, she will cry [THE SADDEST CRY EVER] but only for 20 seconds or so until she realizes she wants her bottle more. That is when I tuck the covers around her, turn on her music, smother her in kisses, and quietly escape. If there is no bottle, I place her pacifier in her hands and fearfully run out of the room! The pacifier will not soothe her so if I can get her to hold onto it, there is a 50/50 chance she will put it in her own mouth after I leave. Depending on how tired she gets, she will only cry for a few seconds or maybe a couple minutes. Then she will doze right off before her mobile can even stop playing music. That's on a lucky day though.

She has the advantage unfortunately... Look at that cute face! Simply Irresistible.
All I can say is...

Miss A. Let the battles begin!


  1. How adorable...hard to let that sweet face cry too much!! Happy Easter to you all ~


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