August 9, 2012

A Less Common Virus

Initially, I thought Miss A was having a bad outbreak of eczema. Then several red bumps started spreading rapidly across her body. It started at the nape of her neck, then down her back, across her belly, all over her face, and down her arms and legs. Poor baby!

The red bumps looked like hundreds of mosquito bites all over her body. They itched but not nearly as bad as I would have thought. Her poor little bum and ears itched the worst! It looked horrible...

Close up on "less common virus" red bumps

I decided to wait a couple days before taking her into the doctor because a few people told me it looked like heat rash and I assumed so too. Of course, the worst of it came over the weekend, meaning we couldn't schedule an appointment with her pediatrician. Her temperature was just a little bit high and she could not sleep because she itched so badly.

We took her to the ER doctor and they told us she had a less common virus. He didn't say what it was or how she got it... (I bet they never really know what people have specifically...) But, Miss A was prescribed a liquid steroid type medicine. She took it once a day this week and with every dose I could see significant healing. After about 4-5 days, she fully recovered!

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  1. Hi there! This looks like what my daughter has yer she's only barely 2 months old. Did the treatment keep working? I too thought she had eczema at first but it's not getting dry like other baby's in her infant play group :/ if you have any advice, let me know! Thanks, Kaara


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