August 6, 2012

Cool Social Marketplace, Danny & Kate

Miss A modelling her new Danny & Kate shirt! :)

I stumbled upon a very neat social marketplace called Danny & Kate that is perfect for parents who lack time and money! It is like an online garage sale geared towards the needs (and wants!) of children. You can browse through hundreds of toys, movies, books, clothing, bedding, nursery furniture, and several other gently used items. There are even the occasional listings for parents too. I recently browsed through some jewelry for both mom and dad (watches for dad). I saw several brand new items being listed as well. The cool thing is that parents can list their own products FOR FREE! You upload a picture with your title, price, and description, and you are all set to sell.

My favorite part of Danny & Kate is that they offer "Parent Points" to help you purchase the items you want to buy. When you sign up for free, they offer a $5 welcome gift. You can send gifts (Parent Points) to other potential buyers who are encouraged to look at your listings. You can even receive Parent Points as a reward for browsing through items.

I can't think of any mom who doesn't love looking at baby clothes. I know I always find myself wandering towards the baby clothing at department stores! So I find it pretty exciting to look at all the cute baby clothes listed at an affordable price. I already have already found dozens of clothing I want to purchase for my daughter.

I highly recommend that you wander over and take a peek at the Danny & Kate social marketplace. :)


  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I just signed up! Pretty neat place! :)

    1. Yeah, I found them through my Facebook page. I really like it. I want to sell some of my own stuff soon but I need to get estimates on actual shipping prices in order to figure out how much my items will sell for. :) Good luck with it!

  2. Amelia is just getting so gorgeous. Next time I am in GR you have to bring her to see me.

    1. I was hoping to hang out by the pool with you last time you came but unfortunately I had Bill's dad's bday party. SO next time, we'll try our best to get to ya! :)

  3. Thanks for entering my giveaway!


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