August 2, 2012

Potty Training Beginning at Twelve Months Old

I have a mixture of feelings surrounding this whole potty training phase of Miss A's life. Excitement. Nervousness. Anxiety. But, first and foremost, this means that life is passing by at lightening speed and Miss A is growing up extremely fast. She is walking everywhere, opening cupboards, putting the correct shapes in the shape toy, telling me what the cow, ducky, and sheep say, whining and crying mama, asking for more food, saying please, all done, and uh oh... basically she is learning and catching on to things really quick. My tiny, little newborn isn't so tiny and little anymore!

It's crazy how fast babies learn life.

You may or may not be wondering why I have started potty training my daughter at twelve months old. I'm honestly not sure what age you are supposed to begin potty training but I have four reasons why I am anxious to start early.
  1. She shows a big interest in the potty when I use it.  (She even happily yells, "Pa!", which means potty.) 
  2. Occasionally, she wakes up from her evening naps with a dry diaper.
  3. Somewhere down the grapevine, I've heard that girls learn to potty train sooner than boys. (Myth or not, it's a reason to try!)
  4. I don't like changing diapers, duh!
So we bought her a really simple but cute lime green potty that converts from a little potty to a trainer seat and stepping stool. It was only $9.99 at Walmart! Not too shabby and she likes it. If this whole potty training phase extends for quite awhile, I might upgrade to a princess potty or a singing one but for now this one will do. I had her sit on it twice so far; once after a dry diaper-nap and today just for fun. She didn't go potty but I'm a patient person... (well, for this potty training phase at least!!)

Take a look-see at all the fun she was having...

What a cutie pie. Notice the touch and feel book, That's Not My Dolly. These pictures are proof that my baby loves the books I posted about (here)! :D

Please wish us luck on this new adventure! And just know, I don't expect her to learn to be completely potty trained at twelve months old. I know that is truly a matter of when she wants to learn, I just like to be on top of the game. ;)

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