August 2, 2012

What to Buy for a First Birthday Present

You really don't need much help buying a one year old a present because they like EVERYTHING, especially if you are holding it. They like all toys, books, stuffed animals, and everything you like too! The best gift is one they can learn more from as they get older. 

My daughter received all these wonderful presents for her first birthday!

She also got a dolly, cheerios holder (great idea!), animal crackers, frog squirt gun, cute dresses, stylish blue jeans, and other outfits. Can someone say SPOILED? ;) To be fair, she is cute... AND she has played with almost all of these toys already... over and over and over again... She has even learned both books by heart (or was that me?) She really has already learned all the animal sounds thanks to the Farm book. She has been pretty busy these past three weeks!

So there you go! Lots of ideas for a first birthday present! :)

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  1. I'll keep this in mind in 2 months :) These toys look like lots of fun! Where were they when we were kids? ;)


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