August 7, 2012

The Only Reason a Woman Wants Her Period

There is only one reason a woman wants to have her period.

Can you take a guess?
If you're a woman, then you probably know it's not to feel like sh*t for a week.
If you're a man, then you probably think it's an intentional feeling sent by God to make your life a living hell.

Let me be more clear. This reason will make any woman beg and pray for an EARLY period.

(Under certain conditions, OF COURSE.)

As long as you are not looking forward to having a baby anytime soon (*hint *hint), then every woman wants to keep a consistent, flowing menstrual cycle.

She wants to make sure she's not pregnant. 
BECAUSE she made a big whoopsie daisy and is not looking forward to having her first, second, third, or thirteen bundle of joy quite yet... or not at all.

This is when us women welcome our period with open arms. We praise it.

Am I right ladies?


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