August 9, 2012

Poetry: I Love You Miss A :)


While you nap, I find peace at last
I recover from your endless parades
I sit in silence without princesses singing their love songs
I recover from the insanity that you bring me
I sit in silence without hearing the ABCs, 123s, or shape names

I begin my hour of freedom
I surf the web without interruption
I watch my favorite tv show
I draw, write, paint, anything I want
I am alone, by myself

Suddenly, I begin to miss your little face
I miss you clinging onto my legs
I miss you bringing me your favorite book to read
I miss you dancing to the songs I sing
I don’t really want to be alone

I sneak into your room, just for a peak
I almost always wake you
You spring up from a deep sleep
Wide-eyed, sparkling with joy
You lift your arms way up high

We laugh and play again for hours
Toy sirens and puzzle pieces fly in all directions
Cups, bowls, and straws spread across the kitchen floor
You drool all over my phone
Even take the initiative to dial up a long lost friend

You are the shining star in my life
But, dear precious, monster-baby girl
I am so thankful for you
And thankful that in just four more hours
Another naptime will roll on in


1 comment:

  1. So sweet! I am the same way...getting close to the end of Annaliese's nap, I get anxious to see her again. But then an hour into being awake and playing...I'm looking forward to her next nap! It's a beautiful endless cycle! :)


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