August 23, 2012

Hudsonville Fair 2012

I love fairs... SO SO SO MUCH! I love seeing all the animals and dreaming about owning cows. Last night at the Hudsonville Fair, I decided I wanted a brown cow. In the past, I have always pretended that brown cows did not exist because in my mind all cows were black and white.

Look at this sleeping cow... so cute! 

Here is a really HUGE black, pregnant cow that we got to pet. 

pregnant cow

Miss A MOOOO-ed at all the cows! She loves cows now. 

She also really loves horses.

She even gave this sweet horse a kiss! (I didn't tell her to.)

Here are the goats!


Thirsty Pig


Sexy Boy- Standard Poodle

Oh fun times at the fair... :)

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  1. I have wanted a horse since I was Amelia's age. lol. Adorable pictures.


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