March 29, 2012

I Bet You Are Gonna Win $540 Million on Friday Night

It makes me sick to think that someone is probably going to win the new world record $540 million Mega Millions jackpot tomorrow night. And if someone doesn't win it, the jackpot amount is just going to keep rising exponentially until someone's numbers does get picked. That's a lot of money to be randomly placed into someone else's pocket.

What is even more sickening is that you just bought a ticket and feel somewhat hopeful that your numbers might actually get drawn. After all, it is possible. Right?

With sincere hope and uncrushed dreams lie many, many wonderful plans brewing in the minds of each and every ticket holder.

Debt Free at last! No more student loans, house payments, car payments, etc!
Eliminate the debt burden for your family and friends!
Travel plans to see the world!
Change the world for the better!
Pay for all of your children to go to college!

It sounds nice. You, ticket holders, even have some funky blissful buzz running through your veins. You are 200% energized by the endless possibilities and amounts of money about to be tossed in your hands. You could fricken' bathe in that money you are so exhilarated! Wow! Wouldn't that just be everything you have ever dreamed of and more!? IT WOULD BE JUST FRICKEN DANDY. PERFECT. wow.

So when tomorrow night comes around just remember, it could be YOU. YOU, DEAR TICKET HOLDER #XX9X9XX. YOU COULD WIN $540 MILLION.

But when those precious numbers get read aloud on the news... don't come crying to me like a baby when not even one of your numbers were chosen.

Because I told you so. 




Yep. I am bitter and in a huge pile of debt thanks to student loans. Yep. I want to fund my children's college tuition because it sucks starting out in the real world with $60,000+ in the hole... in a poor economy. Yep. I bought my mega millions ticket. Yep. I am going to win.

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