March 27, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Pictures!

Now that it has almost been two months since our wedding day [February 4, 2012], I think it is time to post our beautiful pictures. Today I put all the hard copies in an album and updated our baby albums too. I feel so organized! After posting my wedding pictures online, the only thing wedding-related left to do is send out thank you cards... (Don't make me feel anymore guilty about that! I already do!! :/) I think out of all the wedding planning and wedding stuff I have done, the thank you cards are the most difficult task. We have all our cards already but just the thought of figuring out where to send one to what address makes me procrastinate... and procrastinate some more. It's not like we aren't genuinely thankful for everyone who attended our wedding and gave gifts, because we are definitely thankful! We received so many wonderful gifts and without our family and friends, our wedding would not have been as special. So while you all wait for your cards... (They are coming VERY soon!) just know we are grateful that you care so much! THANK YOU!

All the pictures displayed here are taken by Sara Berends Photography


 And they lived happily ever after...

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