March 14, 2012

First Trip to the Zoo

Today is the nicest day of the year!! So far anyway... It's around 75 degrees. Pretty crazy, but I'm not complaining about warm, sunny weather. We decided to take a trip to John Ball Park Zoo this morning in Grand Rapids. It was really nice. While Miss A didn't notice many of the animals, she did notice all the other children! There was an 18 month old boy who even climbed in her stroller and gave her a hug! It was cute though I couldn't help but think of how Miss A may be giving this boy her cold... :/ We tried pointing out the chimps, lions, and bears... and all she took interest in were the kids pointing at the animals next to her! Haha. Whatever though. She seemed to enjoy the visit and so did we. That's all that mattered. She did get to pet some goats which fascinated her for a little bit. They licked her hand and she giggled. Sweet goats. Sweet Miss Baby A. <3

Here's our pics!

Very friendly goat that licked Miss A's fingers <#

This goat brought his head up and Miss A got to pet him :)
Ugly... (but that's not very nice to say!!)

Miss A was very curious about this big fish!

Me with my new hair cut :) **bangs**

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