March 22, 2012

First Bike Ride

Since the weather has been unbelievably nice this March (80 degrees & up!!!) we decided to buy some bikes! We found two great deals on Craigslist. Bill got a tan & black Giant bike in excellent condition and I got an almost brand new blue Schwinn mountain bike. My mom bought us an InStep Bike Trailer for our baby shower present before Miss A was born. We have been so excited to use it! It took a little while to get everything situated... air in the tires, trailer set up and hookup, buy bike locks, buy new tube for one trailer tire...

Miss A didn't mind the wait... She played in the shade and felt the grass for the first time :)

Classic Miss A Scrunched Up Face

Once we figured it all out, we strapped Miss A in with her water filled sippy cup and a dozen toys and were on our way! 

Refreshing & Free.

Close up on Miss A!
Miss A zonked out on the way back... You'd think she was the one biking ME around!! Silly baby.

This was probably my biggest workout I've had since Miss A was born... yeah! We went up some big hills... I'm more than okay with that though! We plan on taking many, many more bike trips around the city this summer. If we can figure out a way to transport our bikes, we will bike around elsewhere--- trails and new cities. Miss A liked her first ride though she did end up crying towards the end when the sun hit her face... we gotta figure out a way to block the sun too. We haven't bought much summer clothes or a new sun hat yet for her since it's only March... I'm fearful the weather will change on us and a blizzard will come... unlikely? I'll knock on wood...

Anyways, for the most part she had fun and even laughed when we first started biking. :) As she gets older, I'm sure she will grow to enjoy it more and more.

Our bike trailer is a cheaper model but it works great! Very easy to assemble & supports 2 kids up to 50lb each. Also, very safe. We made it over many big bumps just fine!


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  1. You have made such awesome memories!! She is so beautiful!


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