March 25, 2012

Someday Our Babies Will Grow Up & Read Our Blogs

Do you want your children reading your blog when they get older?

My baby is only eight months right now but I can't help but wonder how she will react when she reads through my blog. I don't plan to delete it so it should be out there forever...

Not everything on my blog is necessarily nice or appropriate. I have my complaints about motherhood along with all the joys. I may have some things my daughter would even find disturbing. Children don't necessarily like to hear about their own birth stories or embarrassing topics with their mother and father.

There is always the possibility that your children will feel really special and loved. I've included many personal stories that pertain directly to them. I'm not great at scrapbooking, nor do I enjoy it so I'm hoping my blog will make up for that a little... a lot!

I'm blogging because I feel that it is special to be a mother. And not simply a mother... but a mother to my daughter Miss A (and our other future children...???). I'm also blogging because it is fun. Along with my personal stories of family fun and baby milestones, I enjoy writing articles on how to help other mothers based on my own experiences.

I would really love to see a blog or diary of my mother's experiences through motherhood, particularly with myself since I was her first child. It would be interesting to see all the challenges she went through and compare them with my own.

Overall, I think my blog will be a unique gift to my daughter/children when they get older. If it they don't appreciate it, they will probably appreciate it when I pass away... [Not that I enjoy thinking about that!] Nonetheless, it will be a nice learning manual for my daughter if she chooses to become a mother herself.

Does anyone think differently? Does anyone feel it is a bad idea for their children to read their blog? If so, what have you written about that makes you feel that way!? ;)


  1. I love the fact that you are blogging with the forethought that your child may be reading your blog some day. Blogging is sometimes like a diary that we share with readers.

    Your blog is filled with all kinds of wonderful advice and thoughts for new and expectant parents!

  2. I believe wholeheartedly that Amelia, and her future siblings will be very proud to read your thoughts. It's important for (older) kids to understand that their parents had lives and goals before they were born, partly so they can view them as a complete person, and partly so the can see how many emotions ,mostly joyful ones, their birth brought to their mom and dad. This is a great to accomplish that!


Thanks for reading!
xx Monica xx

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