March 2, 2012

Baby Ear Piercings!

Before I even knew we were having a girl, I was already dreaming of getting her ears pierced. Why? Just because it's cute and my mom had mine done at 6 months. I really don't know my reason... It just popped in my head and there I was dreaming about it.

I had never heard about all the conflicting opinions on the "issue" until I posted Should You Pierce Your Baby's Ears? I asked about it on Facebook and Reddit Parenting. I didn't realize it was a crime (according to some people) to get a piercing I thought was socially acceptable. All the online drama made me really anxious and nervous when I went into Clair's to have her ears pierced yesterday. I felt like I was about to ride the world's biggest roller coaster. I was nauseous and sick to my stomach! Blahh. I went with my sister, Pricilla and close friend, Jannalee. They both are in favor of baby ear piercings and were there for support and encouragement. I asked several concerns I had to the assistant manager who would be piercing her ears with another assistant. She reassured me that she had done several ear piercings, many of those 3 month old babies and to not be worried because caring for them is easy. And it is easy. I can't say much yet because I've only been caring for Miss A's ears for 15 hours. I bought her cute silver, daisy, sterling silver earrings in order not to worry about nickel possibly bothering her skin. These earrings lie flat on her ear too so she won't be able to pull them out as easily as studs.

For ear care, they gave me a free after-care ear solution for her piercings. I simply apply it to a cotton ball and swab around the piercing 3 times a day. This is EASY. However, I had horrible images in my head such as a bloody, painful ear that would hurt to touch it... I didn't really think that would happen but I didn't know what to expect. The only piercing I remember getting done was having my tongue pierced. (That didn't hurt or bleed...). But I was being a paranoid mother. 

In the store, they had me sit up in their tall chair with Miss A on my lap. She was having fun and pulling at everything in sight. I gave her my phone to distract her. (Her favorite toy!) They planned where they would pierce and applied small dots to her ears. We all checked to make sure they looked okay and bam! we were ready. My stomach was rollllllliinnnggg. And then in less than 2 seconds, it was over and done. She cried for less than a minute and was soon smiling again. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. AT ALL!

Photo Courtesy of Jannalee :)
BUT THEN.... yes... There's more. Something that I never imagined would happen, happened. Her earrings were crooked (not lined up). I didn't say anything in the store because I was hoping it wasn't true. Jannalee, Pricilla, Bill, and I all noticed. The next morning, my mom came over to look at them. She could hardly tell they were crooked but we brought her back to Claire's again because I didn't want them to look weird. The store manager said one earring needed to be fixed. So they took it out and pierced it again. Right on the spot. She said that the hole would close up in half an hour and that there would be no scarring from the other piercing. While it all sounds terrible (like I'm the meanest mother in the whole world...), it wasn't bad. Miss A was not happy about getting it pierced again but she did really good. The lady was super patient with Miss A, making sure to get the dot placed in the exact spot to match up with the other earring. There was another little girl in line to get one ear repierced as well. It was a two year old who took out one of the earrings right after it was pierced! Afterwards we took Miss A on the carousel at the mall and she laughed and laughed! It was her first time. :) I'm definitely happy it's done and now we just have to make sure it heals well. I'm not worried about it at all because she doesn't even notice the earrings. When I cleaned her ears before, she sat very nicely for me and let me do it. It doesn't hurt her.

Another thing that's just sooo cute is that her daddy thinks they are adorable on her. He honestly likes them and doesn't think it was stupid to get them done. I would NEVER pierce our baby's ears without his permission but he was a little nervous about the idea at first. Now he loves it! He even sneaked into her room when he got out of work at 1am last night to look at them.

  1. If our next child is a girl, we are definitely piercing her ears around 3-4 months old. This way she won't be moving around so much and they can get a good look at where they want to place the holes. They will be able to take their time. [Though, 7 months is better than taking a toddler to get ear piercings! At least Miss A will not pull at them.]
  2. Don't ask people's opinion when you don't want them! I should have never asked what people thought of baby ear piercings. It was silly to ask others' opinions because I had already made my mind up. I was just looking for reassurance. If you as a parent believe it's moral and you want to do it, go for it! It's your child. Your own opinion on controversial issues is what makes you unique.

***Please no negative comments. They will get deleted. Thank you!***


  1. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings , Monica. Amelia looks adorable,as always.

  2. Oh no! You didn't, no worries. It was mainly the parenting community on Reddit and a few others in person.


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