March 8, 2012

It's been a Puffs & Jammies kind of Day...

Miss A and I got the sickness!! Bill has been coughing like crazy for almost two weeks now and we have been fine until recently. He finally decided to go to the doctor's office two days ago and they told him he has bronchitis, a stomach virus, and an ear infection!! Not what he expected to hear... but at least he is on his way to recovery finally. The doctor prescribed him with some "help-me-i'm-dying" drugs so hopefully he will be better soon. However... while he is on his way up, poor Miss A and I are on our way downhill. Miss A is coughing and sneezing and crying and yelling and blah.. She is not feeling very well. Either am I. We both feel really warm. I tried to take both of our temperatures... but our three thermometers do NOT work! I tried them all several times. Here are the readings I got. 95.7, 96, 96.1, 97.3, 101.1, etc... None of them were consistent. As of now, I am assuming we are not feverish. We eat food without vomiting and... so far so good... I gave Miss A a bath early this morning and have been feeding her more bottles than solid foods. She looks like a train wreck. Poor little girl. I'm not as bad as her... Thank God or I don't know how I'd take care of her! Though, I've taken a dose of the cure-all Dayquil, which unfortunately she can not have at 8 months old. Here are some things that have helped to calm her sort of. I gave her some baby Tylenol for aches and pains related to the common cold that she might have. It did not work though. She has been fussy ALL DAY. Her naps are interrupted with coughs, sneezes, and just an inability to breathe through all the snot & phlegm. (pleasant, huh?) Poor baby. I've been sucking up her boogers with that blue booger sucker and wiping her nose with tissues all day. SHE HATES IT. I hope she is better tomorrow. And I hope I can remain in a decent condition because taking care of a crabby, sick baby is no fun with a throbbing headache and achy body too. I'm just praying for her to sleep ALL NIGHT AND ALL MORNING. She needs lots of sleep... ME TOO.

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