May 14, 2013

A Princess Bed

I have been dreaming about the day I would get Miss A a canopy-type bed since the moment I found out she was a girl! However, it slipped my mind recently and I forgot about it. Over the weekend, we went to some garage sales because the weather was nice and at the first sale I spotted this canopy top blowing gently in the wind!! ;) Before I even walked up to the sale, I knew I was buying it! Luckily, there were no rips or tares and it was only $2. It made my day.

The minute we got home, we put it up! I was nervous that she would accidentally pull it down but it's been up a few days now and so far so good. I've been calling it a princess bed so now at bedtime, she will dive in it and yell "princess bed". It's so cute... I love it. She loves it!

Now if I could only have my OWN canopy bed... It'd look something like this.

Or maybe this one... Regardless, I could get some quality sleep under one of these babies! 

May 13, 2013

Simple, Yet Beautiful Conversations

Miss Long Legs

There is so much to write about motherhood and so little time. Miss A has been growing ridiculously fast. She is almost TWO YEARS OLD already! (22 months!) She is very healthy and just a blast to be around. Since I can't go into detail today about everything she has accomplished, I'll narrow in on one of my favorites.

She speaks in fuller sentences and initiates conversations with me! 

It's been the coolest thing listening to her learn to talk. It started with simple sounds and pointing into just babbling words. Now her sentences are still simple, of course, but they are understood.

In the morning, she comes in my room to wake me up by saying "GOOD MORNING! Ice water? Cookies?" I don't know where she got this idea of getting cookies for breakfast but she asks me for them anyways. Then she will say, "Daddy working?"
"Yes, daddy is working."
"Daddy come home later?"
"Yes, daddy will be home later."
"Take a shower?"
"In a little bit." And then she will wiggle around in my bed, singing and reading books until I manage to get myself up. I have never regretted putting the crib away around her one year milestone. It was still one of the best decisions ever, so she could come wake me up ANY way other than crying.

She also likes to talk to me about our cats. She knows she needs to learn to be nice to them. Here is what she says, "Give Annabelle huggies?"
I reassure her, "You can give Annabelle a hug. Be nice to her though."
"Don't be mean to Annabelle. Annabelle cry. Don't hurt Annabelle."
It's so cute!

She also reads all her books out loud by describing the pictures and colors or just using her memory because we've read all of her books a hundred times over. She is so smart and if she makes a mistake or says something she already knows the answer to, she will correct herself. For example, "Eat animal crackers?---Noooo, animal crackers alllllll gone!"

Simple, yet beautiful conversations!! Makes my heart melt.

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