April 16, 2012

Mommy Loves Yoga

My mind is calm and clear. All of my stress and worries have disappeared. I feel as if a button was pushed to completely refresh my body. I have waves of calming sensations pulsing steadily throughout my body. I am totally chill. And I LOVE IT.

How did I achieve this awesome state of being?

Yoga Cat doing one of my FaVe positions. I own this 2012 calendar too. I am a freak, I know. LOL
I just finished a session of Yoga X from my P90X workout program. It is an hour and a half long session focusing on flexibility, coordination, and balance through four different sections. It includes Moving Asanas (flowing transitions between poses), Balance Postures, Floor Poses, and Yoga Belly 7 (abdominal/core work). Yoga X is intended to be more intense, which is probably why it is so lengthy. My goal is not to convince you to try Yoga X but to urge you to try yoga in general if you haven't already. This is one of the few ways I can bring myself back to reality and gather my composure when the pressures of motherhood, family drama, and life stresses hit full throttle. Somehow I am able to gather my remaining strength and focus in on moving and breathing my way through the various yoga positions. It is almost like I both "zone out" and concentrate on perfecting the poses during the workout. I get a huge relieving wave of sensations and just utter calmness within. I can't explain the feeling entirely but it is awesome!! It's definitely some form of (much needed) meditation.

I'm not sure why I never wrote about yoga during my pregnancy but I did do prenatal yoga workouts throughout my entire pregnancy. I was determined to calm my mind for my developing baby (Miss A who is already 9 months!) I wanted to create a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere for her, especially since I (like many!!) had many major emotional meltdowns. I practiced different yoga moves like the infamous Kegels during squats to help prepare my pelvic floor for child birth. Also there are many poses to alleviate lower back pain like Cat Pose and also to help with circulation and sciatic nerve pain. For pregnancy, I can't recommend a better workout! Well maybe swimming... that relieves you of your massive body weight! :P

But I think yoga is especially ideal for mothers who need a personal time out from everything after a lonngg day of crying babies or lazy husbands. (hehe :P) The people who tend not to like yoga are those that haven't had much practice with workouts that require flexibility and coordination. This is not a reason to steer clear of it though! I promise that with practice you will learn to move through various positions and reap the mind clarity benefits as well. Don't make the mistake of thinking yoga is for lazy people, because you do get a GREAT workout. It may seem boring to those who don't like to meditate or move slowly through workouts, but all I can say is to just give it a chance.

This mommy loves yoga because it is the ultimate cure all. The panacea for ALL life stresses.

May sound extreme but I swear it is true. I guess you won't find out until you try it for yourself!

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