May 26, 2012

Miss A's First Big Girl Step!

Not only can my ten month old Miss A...

super speed crawl,
smother me in a million huggies and kissies (maybe just two or three),
wave "hii" and "bye bye" (even to strangers),
say Mmmmmm after eating all of her fruits and veggies,
stand up in the middle of a room all by herself,
make it through day long trips to flea markets, garage sales, and shopping malls,
play patty cakes and mime the itsy bitsy spider,
say ducky, quack quack, baba, mama, dada, doggy, kitty, bye bye, ball, stop, paci and button,
point out every single button on your clothing and then manage to lick it,
wiggle her shoulders and dance to any music,
and create extremely disgusting poo pooed diapies,

BUT she can also officially take a step now! She took her VERY FIRST STEP last night! She was being really silly and constantly standing up and laughing. I held out my arms to her and she moved her tiny little foot towards me... and voila, A STEP!!! I covered her face in kisses and picked her up high in the air! This moment totally made my whole night and so much more! I'm definitely one proud mommy. <3

While this is all extremely exciting... it does mean that our first little baby girl will soon be walking. WALKING... like a real person. She is growing up way too fast. I already miss her being a little tiny baby... she is getting so big already. I cannot believe it. It feels like just yesterday when Bill and I were putting Miss A on her blankie for tummy time and then when we had to place pillows all around her so she could sit up and play with her toys without falling and hurting herself... *sigh*deep breath*wipe tear*silence*..... Moving on.

So my Miss A is pretty talented if you ask me. My opinion as her mommy might be biased... but I don't think so! She's one talented little cookie taking her first big girl step!

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  1. Your 10 month old has officially surpassed my walking abilities. =P GO Amelia!!!


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