May 6, 2012

Video of Miss A Milestones & More (Almost 10 Months!)

My daughter will be ten months old in four days! How crazy is that! Her first birthday is coming up so fast I can hardly believe it. I decided to make a video that sheds some light on some of her accomplishments these past couple months. People aren't joking when they say babies grow up so fast! Here is my living proof!

FYI: I am experimenting with iMovie  '11 so please bare with me on my lack of video editing skills. I'd love to spend much more time figuring out the iMovie program because it promises awesome home-video-making potential. However, with a fast crawler rummaging throughout our home, I don't have enough spare concentration to learn quite yet!

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  1. She is so such a pretty girl! It is so fun to see all she is learning.


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