May 30, 2012

How to Keep Your Baby Still During a Diaper Change

Do you have a baby that refuses to sit still during a diaper change?

It really is a silly game that babies like to play with us parents.

It all starts when your baby starts begging for her diaper to be changed. She looks at you, whines, and then spitefully squishes her poopy diaper against the floor until it oozes all the way up her back. You gasp and hurriedly pick her up. You TRY to change her diaper just like she wants but as soon as you lay her down and undo her diaper she screams, flails her arms and legs, and then rolls over desperately trying to crawl away from you. You see how this is a funny game?

You basically end up having poop all over your hands, arms, floor, baby's legs, feet, and body. I'm not exaggerating even a little bit. In fact, I left out the fact that your baby's entire outfit is now ruined for the day, possibly forever. It's disgusting and I'm sure if you have a ten month old baby, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So as routine, you grab the nearest toy or even your own cellphone or nasty keys she always insists on sucking on and hand it to her to play with. You just need to keep her distracted for about 20 seconds while you quick clean her up and throw on a fresh diaper. But of course, your baby has no interest in these things at this particular moment. Again starts the flailing and you frantically yell for your husband, "BILLLLLL! HELLLLPPP MEEE!!!" He panics and runs over to you. His stomach turns as he notices the poop splattered over everything in the surrounding vicinity. He catches the baby's arms and holds her down while she screams bloody murder...

Diaper changes should not be that stressful. Oh my gosh...

So as you would expect, several diaper changes later I had had enough! I accidentally did the thing that will forever keep my baby still while changing her diaper.

Take a look.

This is how to keep your baby still during a diaper change!!!!
I'm not joking, this works every time I change Miss A's diaper. I pin her down and sit on her backwards (without putting my weight on her of course). She instantly starts laughing and patting my butt. This is sooo funny to her. Really, it's the funniest thing that has ever happened to her. Look at that face. While she is giggling (and still flailing her arms), I have plenty of time to peacefully change her diaper without worry of a natural disaster.

Yes it is a little difficult to change a baby's diaper upside down at first, but I know you will master the skill quickly.

Warnings: BE SMART. Do not put your weight on your baby. Do not sit on your baby's mouth. Do not sit on your baby period.... If your baby does not like this method of distraction, DON'T DO IT. You are doomed and stuck with a flailing, runaway, poop-butt baby!

Best of luck to you! :D

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  1. I'm cracking up right now! Hilarious. I'm glad I don't have to deal with poopy butt babies anymore. But I do miss my babies, just not the poopy butt moments! ;)


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