July 20, 2012

Our Visit to the Ionia Free Fare 2012

I learned a lesson... don't go to the Ionia Free Fare on the second opening day. There are not as many animals because they haven't arrived yet. I also did not see any petting zoo tents with goats, bulls, water buffaloes, kangaroos, etc like last year. I don't know if we just missed it or if it's not set up yet or if they really don't have one this year. I was pretty bummed. I wanted Miss A (and I!) to see A LOT of animals. Regardless, we still saw some and enjoyed our day at the fair.

Here is Miss A right before we left...

I am totally jealous of these new shoes I just bought her... They are adorable!

And after an hour drive, we made it to the Ionia Free Fair!!

We saw an old Michigan state police car...

Old Michigan State Police Car

We got our fill on carnival junk food... hand dipped corn dogs and polish sausages with french fries. Yummy! (while you're eating it at least) ;)

Cutest pile of baby bunnies!

Baby Chicks!

Baby Ducks! One day I will raise some of these. They are the cutest things EVER! 
I want a cute yellow one. 

Such a friendly pig!

Shield your eyes because these pictures are so stinkin' precious! These piglets are just one day old!! Seeing them here was totally worth the hour drive alone. 

Imagine having all those little babies to take care of and feed... right after delivering them all! 
This is one tired mama pig. You can tell she's proud, look at that smile! ;)

Smiling Mama Pig with her Piglets
Piglets feeding on Mama Pig <3

I thought these two pigs were cute, sleeping so close to one another.

Miss A petting the horse's butt! She thought the horses were funny so I think those were her favorite.

 Mommy & Miss A <3

Magnificent Elephant

Lots of people... Lots of rides...
I can't wait til Miss A is old enough to ride the rides. She'll have so much fun!

YES, we had to take pictures in every sign. It's too much fun!

Mommy & Miss A

Miss A rode on Daddy's shoulders for a little bit.

One last picture of a flower on our way out. 
Just to add more beauty to our lives. <3


  1. What a fun trip! I love all of the animals!

  2. Looks like you all had fun! Great pics! And I love the shoes too!!


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