July 16, 2012

5 Naughty Behaviors of My One Year Old

For the most part my one year old daughter isn't too much trouble (yet!) but she does have some annoying behaviors she insists upon doing all. the. time! And boy do I get pissed off every time she does them... She intentionally does these things just because she wants to... and because she knows it is naughty and is trying to make me lose my mind! (Little brat :P )

Naughty Behavior #1: Opens Shower Door While I'm Showering
In our master bathroom we have a stand up shower with a glass door that Miss A insists upon opening and closing all the time. She likes to play in the wet shower. That's not so annoying. What IS annoying is that I never get to take a peaceful shower. She insists upon opening the shower door while I'm inside... which gets water all over the floor, which makes me cold, which makes me say NO firmly, which makes Miss A cry and scream and flail her arms... This repeats over and over until my shower is done.
Naughty Behavior #2: "Helps" With Dishwasher 
Every time I empty the dishwasher, Miss A grabs for the silverware and sucks on them. She reaches for the sharp knives, the hard plastic straws, and she'll even take out the silverware holder and place it on the floor. I always put away the sharp knives first but man, she is fast! Sometimes she takes out the silverware and hands them to me. I tell her Thank You and explain that I have to put away the clean dishes... like she understands. She cries and wants the silverware back. It's a nightmare putting away dishes.
Naughty Behavior #3: Pours Water Out of Tub
Every single bath, Miss A has to pour the water out of the tub using her big cup I use to rinse her off. I try to hide it from her but I usually leave it in the water after pouring it all over her. She is too fast and usually ends up pouring a full (large!) cup of water all over the bathroom floor.  Fun times. She also throws all of her bath toys out of the tub too... I should just get rid of her bath toys. Hmmm...
Naughty Behavior #4: Hits My Computer/Keyboard
When I'm on my computer, Miss A comes up to me, looks at me with an evil blank face, and while still maintaining eye contact, she slaps my keyboard. She totally knows what she is doing and that I don't like it. Then she continuously hits the keyboard over and over causing my computer to go into chaos mode and do a whole bunch of weird things that I can't undo!
Naughty Behavior #5: High Pitch Scream in Car Seat
Exactly as your read. She screams in a really loud high pitch scream for no real reason in her car seat on car rides. This is a new behavior that she recently started that I HATE. Oh my goodness child... Of course the scream has to be high pitch. Of course the only solution is to take her out of her car seat which is impossible because we need to go somewhere. 

How ever will I survive???? It could always be worse I guess! At least she doesn't suck on cords, pull out the DVDs, or bang her head on the floor yet.

Can anyone relate to my experiences??? :)


  1. Ugghhhh my daughter is guilty of ALL of those things! It's so annoying! The computer thing really makes me mad! My daughter will pull on my laptop screen and almost break it! Grrrr.

    1. Oh yeah, mine does that too. One of these days she might really break it! Very irritating.

  2. Could either you or Bill bathe Amelia while the other showers? You could take turns. Then you can both get peaceful shower she'll be in the tub for one , and the other parent can shower once Amelia is in bed?

    1. There are several solutions to all of these problems. I could shower while she is napping... but there are a billion other things I want to do while she is napping. Also, if I shower while Bill's home then I have to wait all day to take a shower. Basically I want to take a shower in peace, when I want to! I'm being stubborn. ;)


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