July 30, 2012

How To Know If You Married The Right Guy

Did you marry the right guy? How do you know?

I've only been married for five months but we dated for a total of seven years. From the first few months of dating, I knew we would end up getting married. I don't really know how I knew, I just did... Our first date was December 21, 2004. I questioned whether or not he was the right guy for me for a long time. When he asked me to marry him, I knew my answer was yes. We married February 4, 2011.

You know those butterflies that you supposedly only get to feel at the beginning of a relationship? That lustful, warm and fuzzy feeling making your special someone appear flawless and someone who could do no wrong? Well those feelings come back.

You know you married the right guy because 
you keep falling in love with him over and over again

Sounds cliche but this is how I know I found the right guy. I'm writing about it now because I feel those butterflies now. I feel so passionately in love. They last for days or weeks and then they fade away again... only to come back in a month or several months later. The point is they do come back again and again. There are several other reasons I know he's the right guy for me too, (great personality, supports me, cares about me, good looks, smells good, etc) but those butterflies fluttering throughout my body are physical proof that I will be in love forever.

This does not mean our relationship is perfect. Of course we bicker constantly and have our fair share of issues, but in order to have a great relationship you need to have the worst parts too. It can be hard living with someone who annoys the hell out of you for long periods of time! ;) I don't know who bothers one another more though, him or me. In the end it all works out and I know that I love my husband very much. Without him, I would feel empty and lost. It's probably bad to give someone such power over you but like they say, it's all or nothing. <3

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