July 2, 2012

Confessions of a New Mommy

I have been a new mommy for almost one full year now! How crazy is that! While I have enjoyed most of my journey through motherhood, I have some confessions for you.

I am still unable to change a pooped diaper without gagging or holding my breathe.

I stopped using cloth diapers when Miss A was 7 months. 

I admit that disposable diapers are easier to use and cloth diapers stink. 

I don't wash the pacifier when it drops on the floor. Most of the time, I just pop it back into her mouth. 

I really miss breastfeeding my baby.

I ended up "drying up" because I supplemented too much formula. Instead of breastfeeding longer, I wanted my sleep and alcohol again.

My baby gets her temper from me.

I started teaching my baby sign language but failed. She does know how to sign "milk" though.  

We haven't eliminated cursing from our home yet. I hope she doesn't say F*** ever.

I feed my baby the healthy stuff on my plate that I won't eat... cooked carrots & peas. 

My social anxiety is significantly eased by bringing my baby with me places.

I never knew children were so incredibly cute until I had my own. 

I am afraid of the day my baby no longer wants to give me hugs & kisses. 

I can't imagine going through nine months of pregnancy, labor, extreme sleep deprivation, and on and off battles with post partum depression AGAIN, while taking care of a newborn AND a toddler. YET, I am still excited about having a second baby. <3


  1. Ditto to the cursing, the temper, and the hugs...glad you shared your confesions too :)

  2. Funny you mentioned that thing about social anxiety... I realized that whenever I take my daughter out with me, yes, my social anxiety decreases too. I miss breastfeeding her too :)


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