July 16, 2012

Best Children's Books for One Year Olds

We love Touch and Feel books! These books have pages filled with bumpy reptile-like skin, silky bows and clothing, shiny mirrors, furry dogs, felt, ribbons, and more. These are definitely my recommendation for the best children's books for one year olds and even younger babies.

They are great because not only do they offer a nice reading experience, but they keep your child entertained while reading. Let's face it, with all the new sparkly, musical, dancing toys out there, books aren't always a child's first choice.

The three children's books that we have of this sort are DK Baby's Touch and Feel Farm, Usborne Touchy-Feely books That's Not My Dolly, and DwellStudio Touch and Feel Zoo. Let me tell you again how awesome they are... THEY ARE AWESOME!!

Miss A likes to feel every page, whether or not there is animal fur or some soft material to feel or not. She loves it. It's really cute to watch her little fingers reach for the page every time I turn it to feel the ducky or penguin skin.

Reading with your baby is so much fun when they sit on your lap and follow along the whole time! It's a good experience for all. :)

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