July 1, 2012

How to Get Your Child to Sleep for Twelve Hours

If you want your children to get a good solid night's worth of sleep you have to tucker them out!

My daughter slept over twelve hours the past two nights because we had some long days out in the sun and water. Sun, water and just some fresh air will wipe your child right out! You will exhaust them and they will get some long quality hours of sleep.

Take your child to the beach.
My little girl is barely one year old and we spent all day strolling around downtown Grand Haven, MI. We walked through several shops, walked the boardwalk and onto the pier, and finished by resting on the beach. We all dipped our bodies into Lake Michigan for about a half hour and then laid out while Miss A ate some snacks and drank her water. (She also ate sand and rubbed it into her eyes... so watch out for that!) She napped twice in her stroller because she was so worn out from being out and about. We went home and she slept for thirteen hours!

Take your child to the pool. 
Yesterday, we went to Miss A's great grandma G's birthday party and spent time socializing and swimming in the pool. We were probably in the water over an hour. I let her stay in until she was ready to get out of her floatie. She got to see a lot of family, play with all the other kids, and even go in an infant swing. Before this party, I took her to three garage sales. She had a long day! ...She slept twelve hours!

So you can see that SUN + FRESH AIR + WATER = GOOD QUALITY SLEEP! This is how to get your child to sleep for twelve hours in a row! ;) It's the winning equation for parents all around. If you want to have a fantastic day with your child, follow this and you will even be rewarded with a little extra free time for yourself too.
(If you don't sleep through it, that is.)

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