July 9, 2012

Boating on Elk Lake & Torch Lake

My mom and step dad have a seasonal pass at Whitewater Township Park up near Traverse City, Michigan this summer. They go camping and boating on Elk Lake & Torch Lake. [Torch Lake is the one of the most beautiful lakes EVER!] So over the fourth of July holiday, we decided to visit for some outdoor adventures. I was nervous about how Miss A would react towards the fireworks and boating but she did great. She wasn't afraid at all. I think she really enjoyed seeing the fireworks. She was definitely curious about them at least. We did a lot of swimming because that's one of her favorite things to do. We taught her how to kick her legs in the water and she's teaching herself how to put her head under water! Scares me to death! First, she tries to lick the water and then she dunks her face into the water. I don't like her doing that because sometimes she chokes on the water... but I'm happy she's not afraid!! Crazy baby.

Swimming right before the Fireworks! (with my brother & sister)
Miss A's present from Grandma-- Brand New Floatie!
Miss A watching Fireworks on the boat!
Fireworks on Torch River
More Fireworks on Torch River
AND More Fireworks on Torch River!
Trying to Show You Her Bare Butt! Miss A is a Nudey Baby!
Family Photo!
NUDEY BABY Practicing kicking her legs in water!
Extremely Tired Baby. This is How To Wear Your Baby Out!!
Torch River Entrance from Elk Lake into Torch Lake
My Cute Lil' Sister
My "Cool" Lil' Brother

Me trying to get rid of those stinking tan lines!
Sleepy Baby in Boat Cuddy
Dragonfly stopped to visit on our trip down Torch River
BABY SWANS!!!!! Incredibly cute!
We are almost through the 45 minute Torch River!
Torch Lake Sandbar!! WE MADE IT! Look at the beautiful water!
So many boats on Torch Lake Sandbar! So much fun in the sun!
Me and Valerie <3
Me & Miss A who is sweating in her life jacket!


My mom took these last pictures of our toes! Silly Mama~!

Anywayss-- We sure did enjoy our trip! I highly recommend Torch Lake to anyone visiting Northern Michigan! 


  1. Looks like so much fun! You sure tired Amelia out :)

    On another note--I can't believe how big/old Valerie & Bryce are. In my head I still think of them as toddlers/pre-schoolers lol :)

    1. A lot of my friends say that-- They are definitely big kids now! They're still cutie pies though... even Bryce who thinks he's cool/hott stuff :P

  2. You'll also need photos of the helm, fly bridge, companion, and mate helm seats. If the boat is on the hard, take photos of the propellers, rudder, and/or keel. Boats for sale in Cypus


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