July 13, 2012

Miss A's First Birthday Party

My precious little girl's first birthday has already come and passed. :( I am shocked by how fast our first year together has flown by. She is no longer a tiny little newborn but a rambunctious, walking, babbling, little cutie monster girl!

I really enjoyed planning her birthday party! I'm definitely looking forward to planning many more parties for her. Time can slow down though, so we can enjoy our time together before she moves out. [Woah.. thinking way far ahead!] All in all, I'd say her party was a great success. I decided on throwing a PINK themed birthday party and invited only our immediate families and grandparents. It was a lot of fun preparing the food, drinks, and decorations. She seemed to have a lot of fun opening presents, being around family, and definitely eating cake and ice cream!

First Birthday Cake! Girly Chocolate Cake w/ Hot Pink Frosting!
Birthday Girl! 1 Year Old!
Birthday Party Wear- Cool Pink Sparkly Glasses (upside down! hehe)
Birthday Girl-- So pretty with her pink flowered lei :)

It's Cake Time!!!! This is her first piece of cake. I think it was the highlight of her night! :) Yummm!

Baby Eating First Birthday Cake!
Messy Baby Hand Covered in Frosting and Cake!
Messy Baby with Cake and Blue Moon Ice Cream Face!

 Time for Birthday Presents!! 

Laugh & Play Cookie Shape Surprise! So much fun!
Mommy & Birthday Girl <3
Mommy, Great Grandpa & Grandma Nicklas, & Birthday Girl <3
Pretty Little Girlies- Cousin A & Birthday Girl <3
Birthday Girl with her Birthday Hat!
Playing with her new flip phone!
Opening presents with Mommy & Daddy <3 CUTE Lil' Jeans & Bubbles!
BIG Girl Opening Her Presents! What is it??
So many NEW toys!! Look at her new dance & play DOGGY!

Thank you everyone for the presents! She has been having so much fun playing with all of her new toys! :) Anndd she has been playing with her doggy without fear and crying. She has actually turned into a little dancer. She dances with her doggy and all of her musical toys! :)


  1. How sweet! It looks like little Amelia had a great first birthday! Love her dress and the pretty cake :) Happy birthday, big girl! :)

  2. She is so adorable. It's always a joy to see babies grow into to little kids-- their personalities really start to shine! I cannot believe you've only been a mama for a year, you seem like such a natural!

    1. What a nice compliment, thank you. I'll assure you I have had many trial & errors throughout this motherhood journey!


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