September 7, 2013

What Age Do You Start Brushing Your Child's Teeth?

When is the right time to start brushing your child's teeth? I was wondering that myself after visiting the dentist when Miss A was only six months old. As soon as her teeth started to come in painfully one by one, I began feeling guilty about not brushing them. She didn't have a mouthful of teeth yet, but I wondered how the fruit that she gummed and teethed on for hours would effect the teeth that were already in her mouth. It was around that time (six months) that I let Miss A start playing and chewing on a toothbrush.

When she had almost a full mouth of teeth around age one, I officially started brushing her teeth as much as possible. It gets very tedious brushing your child's teeth, but it is a necessity in forming good brushing habits at an early age. I started brushing her teeth only in the shower, which made it so her teethed were brushed at least four-five times per week.

I would brush her teeth first, tell her to spit it out, and then I'd do a brush rinse again before handing her the toothbrush to practice herself.

SHE LOVED BRUSHING HER TEETH. It's still one of the highlights of her day now! After a good four months or so of practicing brushing her teeth in the shower, we changed it to a daily routine at the bathroom sink. I still brush her teeth first and then let her brush her teeth by herself so I can make sure she gets a good teeth cleaning.

At two years old, Miss A is a professional teeth brusher! This morning when it was my turn to brush my teeth, she told me to make sure I spit it out. I was brushing my teeth and laughing hysterically because she was being so sincere! She repeatedly told me to spit it out as my mouth foamed with toothpaste! Funny Girl.

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