September 6, 2013

Husband's First Baking Attempt: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last night, Bill kept hinting at me to make chocolate chip cookies. He repeatedly kept saying that the only thing he needed was chocolate chip cookies. He wanted milk and cookies for a snack during our television show. I just looked at him and said sorry. It was late and I wasn't in the baking mood so  I offered him Nutella and our new chocolate peanut butter on toast. He didn't want that... SO, for the first time ever he gets up and starts rummaging throughout our cupboards and then asked me if we had all the ingredients to make the cookies. We did. 

I told him again that I really didn't feel like baking tonight.
"No worries, I will do it myself!" he said.

I gave him ONE piece of advice and mentally decided that I would watch the oven bake times so we didn't have rock hard cookies. "Make sure you measure everything exactly and follow the recipe!" Previously, I gave my brother a no bake cookie recipe to use and he estimated the measurements only to create super goopy cookies!

I continued what I was doing and tried to let him be. I couldn't help but glance up occasionally and observe.

Ten minutes later he says, "Are you supposed to melt the butter?"
"Yes... at least soften it." ... pause... "Did you read the DIRECTIONS?"
He gives me a grin that meant NO.

He entirely skipped reading the directions portion and just threw all the ingredients into a bowl. No separating and mixing the solids & liquids in different bowls. No preheating the oven as directed in Step #1.

He laughs hysterically and says, "Now what do I do?"
I sigh... "I don't know, maybe you should have read the directions before you started!"

He mixed the bowl for another few minutes and is bummed that he messed up. :(  [Poor husband who doesn't know how to read directions.]

"How about you just put all the batter in the microwave so you can at least melt the butter." I didn't have any good advice for him. I was in shock that he thought he could make cookies for the first time without reading directions. In the past, he thought he could make macaroni and cheese without reading the box directions. He was wrong on that too!

So he microwaved the cookie batter in 15 second intervals for 45 seconds and finally created a batter without butter and vegetable shortening lumps. However, instead of making chocolate chip cookies, the chips had melted all together to form chocolate cookies. He looks over at me for reassurance...

"I'm sure they will turn out FINE! Just put them in the oven already." I really wish I would have taken a picture of the amount of dough he wanted to use for one cookie. It was about 5 times the size with minimal spacing between the cookies. I also wish I would have let him do everything himself. It would have been HILARIOUS to see his creation without my assistance!! Kinda bummed...

Miss A liked the batter at least.

ANYWAYS, after all that harassment & torture, he did end up creating cookies that were decently tasty! He thought they turned out too chocolatey though. I reminded him (and myself!) that it took me years to stop making stupid baking mistakes and that he just needed more practice. I was overall proud of him for his motivation and attempt at baking cookies himself!

<3 What a night.


  1. Wow! I'm surprised by the end result considering all the mistakes! As long as they taste good and aren't toxic, that's all that really matters right? lol

    1. Yep! He did follow my one piece of advice to measure all the ingredients correctly. =)


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