September 28, 2013

My Two Year Old Can Fold Laundry

Instead of finishing the laundry, I decided to leave the basket of clean clothes in my bedroom and watch television. I heard Miss A rummaging through things in my bedroom. (I assumed she was playing with toys). It never even cross my mind that she might be in there folding laundry!

She runs out of the room and proudly shows me a big pile of washcloths she folded all by herself. 

I could not believe it. She set the pile down and ran back into the room to grab more towels to fold. I followed her and helped her find some more towels. I set them in a pile in the living room in order to watch her fold it. I was still in shock. She taught herself to fold just by watching me previously.

She is such a talented little girl! She is only two years old (and a couple months). I do not know if this is an amazing talent for a young girl or not, but I was so shocked that I had to write about it. I love watching her learn new skills. It blows my mind!

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