September 15, 2013

Post Family Farm: Hudsonville, Michigan

My favorite thing about Fall in Western Michigan is our family trips to the Post Family Farm. They have lots of animals to feed and pet and they make the most delicious pumpkin donuts ever. We generally start our visit off by buying apple cider and donuts and eating them inside one of their barns. Then we walk around their property and enjoy looking at the animals. They also have several Fall activities such as hay rides to their pumpkin patch, corn mazes, a large playground area, and a lot more that I haven't even done yet. My favorite thing is their PUMPKIN DONUTS! I don't even like sweets and desserts that much but these pumpkin donuts alone are worth the trip.

I didn't take any pictures of us eating the actual donuts... but here are some pictures from our visit.

Here, Miss A is feeding all these cute goats.

I never wanted a goat until I saw this super adorable long haired baby goat!! Unfortunately, my hubby says no. ("No," with a combined look that says "You are losing your mind. Don't you dare.")

I love how you the goats will walk wooden platforms to get their food. This goat was super smart. As soon as I put my quarter in to get food, he was already walking up the beams!

Miss A loves chickens! My mom has a friend who has several chickens, so when Miss A goes over there she gets to pet them. I might want chickens... for chicken eggs but I think I'd rather raise ducks. I'm not sure yet, but as long as we have a house with a decent sized yard, my hubby has given me permission to get some! =)

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