September 11, 2013

Odd Pregnancy Symptom: Leg Rash or Breakout

Odd Pregnancy Symptom: Leg Rash or Breakout mainly on Left Leg

This is something I feel obligated to post about even though I would rather not. Since I am blogging about motherhood and pregnancy, it is important to write about all aspects, even the ugly parts.

The picture above shows this odd leg rash or breakout that I have been experiencing for over the past couple of months. It is definitely not swimmer's itch or any of the plant rashes like poison ivy, oak, or sumac. It is not heat rash either. It does not itch and for the most part this summer, I have been inside in the air conditioning. My leg rash developed before most of my outdoor and camping trips.

Pregnancy causes numerous changes in skin due to hormone fluctuations and the skin's sebaceous glands increasing their oil production. So it is a likely conclusion, that this is simply acne that broke out all over my legs. I have never in my entire life experienced acne on my legs, not even during my first pregnancy, so I found this to be quite shocking! I am lucky that it's not anywhere else on my body. It could be all over my face! Thankfully, it is nothing to worry about though, because after giving birth pregnancy skin changes tend to disappear.

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