March 8, 2012

15 Ways To Comfort A Sick Baby

(Ways to Comfort a Sick Baby)

Here is what I've done to comfort my poor little sick baby.
  1. Give Infant Tylenol
  2. Long playtime in the bathtub
  3. Suck away boogers with booger sucker
  4. Give more bottles instead of solid foods
  5. Listen to soft music
  6. Wrap her in blanket & rock her.
  7. Wrap her in blanket & read books. Especially ones where you can touch different animal furs like Touch & Feel Zoo... which we have & she absolutely loves! :)
  9. Keep her in pajamas all day, or any warm, cozy clothing
  10. Extra naps because her 2 normal naps are interrupted by sneezes & coughs
  11. Do anything to make her laugh... if she's up for it of course (Distraction Method!!)
    • Make loud noises, animal sounds, anything funny
    • Peak-a-boo
    • Patty Cakes
    • Give High Fives (her new favorite!)
  12. Sing her favorite songs... Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's, & Rock-A-Bye Baby
  13. Give sippy cup filled with water 
  14. Lots of hugs & kisses, as always <3
  15. Early bedtime-- make sure to tuck her in with her favorite stuffed animal.
  16. Turn on humidifier in her room at night


    1. It seems like you are quite prepared for any baby-related problems! But I think it is good that you prep yourself up for any mommy situation, especially in taking care of your sick child. Some mothers, especially first timers, panic the moment they learn that their baby is sick. But it would be best to be calm and to have a clear head in dealing with such situations. If I may add, having your pedia’s number on hand can help you big time. You can call him/her to inquire about what is the best thing to do and how to do it.

      Chalice Lindgren

      1. Thanks. Yes, that is also a good idea. I have called Amelia's on call nurse several times with questions! They are very resourceful. =)

    2. I think this is a very helpful and practical list, Monica! I especially agree with keeping them warm by giving them cozy clothing and showering them with lots of hugs. When kids feel bad, they usually feel cold and feverish too, so making them feel warm can work wonders! I suggest you add “Consulting a doctor” to your list, so you can be sure your kid can get the safest yet most effective meds if she needs any.

      Oskar Aarden


    Thanks for reading!
    xx Monica xx

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