December 10, 2011

I Can't Believe I've been a Mom for 5 Months!

Today Miss A is officially FIVE MONTHS old. Seriously? Where did the time go!? I really can't believe it. It's weird because I hardly remember her being such a tiny newborn. We went Christmas shopping last night as a family to the mall. I saw so many babies that were ridiculously tiny! It really made me miss the first couple months of Miss A's life. I hadn't realized how much she has grown already! It's insane! And to think... she is still really little. She's only five months old. She has only been with us for five months!! [Sorry], it's really hard for me to believe how big she has grown in such a small amount of time. And at the same time, it's hard for me to believe she is already five months!! CRAZY.

This scares me because Bill & I want to have another baby fairly soon. As long as I have a full time job, we want to start trying around the end of next summer. In reality, anytime after our wedding in February would be okay. But I don't want to be pregnant again so soon! That would be... awful? exhilarating? frightening? amazing? I'm not so sure we are ready quite yet. Time is flying by so fast though! Will I ever be ready to have another baby? I don't know... I think it's too soon to start wondering/worrying about this possibly!

But just seeing all the newborns at the mall really make me miss the first few months! Miss A requires so much more attention now compared to her first three months. Back then, I always knew why she cried. She was either hungry or needed a diaper change. Period. Otherwise, she mainly slept in her bouncy chair or in my arms. Now she still has those issues but also possible teething pains, boredom, true fussy times, and frustration! I feel like I have to entertain her 24/7 now! She gets too bored laying on her back or tummy for too long. I have to constantly switch toys she's playing with because she can't do it herself yet! I am always singing songs to her and doing huge hand/body motions because it's her favorite! She loves story time. As much as I love seeing her laugh and babble, it's getting to be exhausting! I know I'll probably regret saying this but I can't wait til she can crawl around so she can entertain herself a little better.

As even more time goes by I'm excited to watch her learn even more new things. One of her favorite things to do this past... her whole life has been to lick/suck on anything that comes close to her mouth! It's cute and I'm wondering when this will stop?? I'm not usually around many babies so I don't really know when babies do this or that and stop doing this or that! It's a learning experience..


I still can't believe I've been a mom for five months!


  1. You're a great mommy to Amelia and you seem very in love with her daddy. You'll know when to give her a sibling.

  2. Haha :) Thanks! It might just happen accidentally lol but oh WhAtEveRRrr. I just really want to drink champagne on my wedding day and tequila on my honeymoon lol


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