December 30, 2011

Monica's Top 5 Posts of 2011

I created this blog in May 2011. I was thrilled about being pregnant and could not wait any longer to share my feelings and excitement with who ever would listen. Here are my most read posts of the year. I look forward to bettering my blog and writing more of my experiences with family and motherhood as the year starts anew. Thanks for reading! I appreciate my followers and commenters always.


10 Things I Love About Being A Mommy
Baby smiles...milestones... and more!

10 Things I Love About Pregnancy
Fetal movements... Hearing heartbeat... and more!

10 Things I Hate About Pregnancy
Emotions... Nausea... Yeah :/

What Do Baby Kicks Feel Like?
Those flutters... Butterflies in your tummy?

Anyone Thinking About Getting Pregnant? [Here's my experiences so far.]
Shiny hair... Excess gas... Vomiting... The list goes on.

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