December 19, 2011

Baby Loves Bubbles

I don't know about you, but the only real way to calm my fussy baby [who is already fed with a clean diaper] is to give her a nice, warm bubble bath. She absolutely loves to kick and splash the water everywhere. If you are stressed out due to all of the fussiness, let your baby play longer in the bath. I tried that today and it was almost relaxing for me as well! She did not fuss or cry or yell or scream or throw a temper tantrum or... you get it. She played with the bubbles, her rubber duck, animal squirt toys, and sucked her soapy hands while kicking water all over! It makes her smile though so it doesn't matter the mess she makes. We had to move her from the sink to the bath tub finally so we could keep some of the water from getting all over the floor. 

After her bath, she gets her regular body massage. [spoiled/mommy's dream] I massage baby lotion all over her arms, legs, belly, and back. If she lets me I gently message her face too. She really enjoys it and it puts her in a good/relaxed mood until she's ready for her nap. Depending on my mood and her level of fussiness, I give her a bath before bed or in the mid afternoon before a nap.

Here are some pictures from bath time at three months old. [She's five months now but I haven't had a chance to get batteries for my camera... Actually I just keep forgetting. It's lame.]

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