December 21, 2011

I'm FREAKING busy!


Countdown til Christmas-- 4 days (but we have a party we're hosting Christmas Eve)
Countdown til our Wedding-- 45 days

Here's my TO DO list... [It's freakin' scary!!]
  1. Finish Christmas Shopping
  2. Thoroughly Clean Apartment
    1. Vacuum
    2. Kitchen- counters/dishes/refrigerator
    3. Clean tile floors
    4. Bathroom
    5. Put away ALL laundry that's in piles all over the bedroom floors! EEk!
    6. Cat litter
    7. Sort through big stack of papers on counter..
  3. Edit Wedding Registries [Target's website is ridiculously slow during the holidays]
  4. Find Wedding Cake
  5. Find last few addresses for invites [Yes, WAY PAST DUE]
  6. Buy Decorations for Wedding Reception
  7. Renew Passport [Doing that in one hour... or whenever I'm free to leave my bedroom. Bill is wrapping my presents and is taking forever! Hopefully that means I got a million presents! :)]
  8. Buy Wedding Bands- We bought Bill's yesterday...
  9. Apply for Marriage License- after the holidays
  10. Figure out what we are doing for our HONEYMOON!
  11. Buy Veil & Accessories for Wedding Day
  12. Figure out Hair/Makeup/Nails for Wedding Day

I have so much more to add to this list but since Bill is done wrapping my presents, I have no more time to think about what I'm supposed to be doing! I actually have to go do it now!!! Sorry if I bored anyone with this... but this is the reality of planning a wedding & taking care of baby & celebrating the holidays all at once. Luckily my mom took Miss A for the night so I can get some stuff done!

Life is good.

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