November 30, 2011

Bright Starts Bounce-A-Bout Activity Center

This is one of Miss A's favorite toys... or should I say "Activity Center"! She loves it because there are so many fun things to look at. The best part about this toy is that there are NO BATTERIES REQUIRED and she still loves it! I hung up another Bright Starts Tug n Pull Musical Pig on it so there's some music for her to listen to. There are seven different toys on it and you can order more off their website. We probably won't order anymore because we have a lot of other toys we clip on to it. There's also a little tray where you can set more toys, pacifiers, or even a sippy cup [filled with water of course ;)] on it.

My mom isn't thrilled with this activity center because she can't walk around the house with it like she wants her to. I like it because it keeps her entertained in one place! She still gets her exercise because she can bounce on it! She hasn't quite mastered the bouncing aspect of it yet but soon! We registered for this for our baby shower and happily received it as a gift! We thought the bouncers would be safer than the baby walkers so she doesn't get into anything she's not supposed to. This would definitely be the better option for those with stairs!


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