November 25, 2011

Multitasking Mommy!

I didn't know how well I could multitask until Miss A was born. I was really good at it before, but now I'm becoming a professional! The coolest part is that I'm still getting better and better everyday. My baby is only four months old so she's not even crawling yet! I can't imagine how my skills will grow once she's crawling/walking and pulling out all my movies and books from their shelves! At first, I was kind of frustrated that all the attention my baby required. I felt like I couldn't do anything besides feed, change dirty diapers, and play with her. That is all a joy but 24/7??? Everyone needs to enjoy ALL of life's wonderful activities! Soooo lately, I've been getting into cooking wonderful meals with new recipes and foods I've never even tried before. Obviously that takes some time. For me, it requires a good couple hours back and forth, around the kitchen. With an infant, that seems almost impossible! But let me tell you, it's not!

We play peek-a-boo over the counter tops, behind pots & pans, with the potholders, with a gallon of milk, etc. We sing songs and dance... well it's mainly me who does the entertaining in between stirring the boiling liquids, checking the food in the oven, and cleaning the huge mess I made! I drag her swing into the kitchen so she can play with toys and swing while I figure out what the heck I'm trying to cook. Once she gets bored with that, I sit her in her high chair with apples using the Munchkin Food Nets. We set books on the high chair, along with her plastic keys, teddy bears, farm animals, even the whole farm! It really is kind of hectic, especially on her fussy days when she doesn't like to cooperate but it's doable! Once she's done being in the high chair, I lay her on her activity play pad and she plays with her rattles, mirrors, and musical animals. She entertains herself and when she gets bored I make funny sounds and talk to her. I mainly narrate everything I'm doing in funny voices and in occasionally break out into song. It's fun and she giggles and coos! Then when daddy walks through the door around 5:30pm, she's all his while I finish place setting the table and pouring milk into our glasses!!

Life is definitely more interesting with a cute wittle tiny fussy pudgy baby bumpkin!

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