November 27, 2011

Zombie Dad on Thirds

He might not be so pleased to see that I've used these pics for my blog! :D
I know I have already tweeted about this several times, [for those of you who follow me on Twitter], but I am really frustrated by Bill's work schedule! He works in dispatch at the police station and while it is important for people to do that job, it is also important for them to keep a semi-consistent schedule so family life is not so SCREWY. Since he started this job in March (?) he has already covered all the shifts... two or three times already! He changes what shift he is on each month. Right now he switched to THIRD SHIFT again... I hate him on thirds. I swear it is worse than seconds because he cannot figure out his sleep schedule. He tries to sleep once he gets home at 9:30am until 5:00pm. The problem is that we have a four month old who is not the quietest baby! She has her fussy moments. She has her giggly, happy moments that are loud. Bill sleeps with the fan on the room, but today he came walking outta the bedroom at 1:30pm, saying he's up. He's too hungry to sleep and he woke up every time Miss A cried this morning, which he says was four times. GREAT, I'm thinking to myself. This is bad because he will be irritable (understandingly of course) and he will eventually have to go back to sleep. I look forward to our time together and it's too hard with him being a Zombie Dad all day & night.

If he could stay on one shift, which I guess he is supposed to stay on one shift after a year or so of training, it would be better. We can work around any shift if it's over a longer period of time, because then we get used to it and his body adjusts to his schedule. But now, it's 5:30pm and he's in bed... He told me about thirty minutes ago that he hadn't slept the entire time he was laying down... {wtf}. JUST A LITTLE MORE COMPLAINING. Once he finally gets his sleep schedule adjusted to third shift, he will change back to FIRST SHIFT on Christmas Day. Man they really know how to screw him over. I was thinking that third shift would at least be good for the holidays so he wouldn't have to miss any parties. They sure showed me.


Yes we are very thankful that he got this job. It doesn't cover all our bills [student loans mainly] but it is a good job to begin his career with. And he doesn't complain very much. I do most of it for him. I guess it's something I'm good at. Like a gift or something... hehe :D

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  1. I can relate to where you're coming from! At Mike's old job he was working the craziest shifts. They would change weekly, if not daily! Hopefully Bill can adjust quickly!


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