November 30, 2011

Our Nuh Night Bedtime Routine

I never thought a four month old baby could enjoy story time as much as she does. Before Miss A was born, I asked the nurse who came to visit us at home when a good time would be to start reading to a baby. She said from day one! The sooner the better! I was surprised because I found it silly. But she was right. I started reading books to Miss A around the second month and she was fascinated with the them. [or so it seemed!!] Even though she can't understand the story quite yet, she certainly loves looking at the big, bright colored pictures. She always gets excited and kicks her legs before I read to her.

I could be wrong, but I think it is a VERY important activity to spend doing with your children. Reading is so beneficial for learning, bonding, and entertaining. They will discover the lives of many new characters and take on adventures with them. Books will help your children learn how to read and SPELL! The more you read, the better your spelling should be since you see it written over and over again. I thoroughly enjoy reading so I want to give my daughter the opportunity to discover books too. If she doesn't enjoy reading in the long run [which I don't see how that's possible! :/ ] then at least she will get a glimpse of what she'll be learning when school comes and she's forced to read!

For now, we have set a fun bedtime activity of reading some bright picture books. We stretch out on my bed on our backs and I hold the book up above her head and read. I try my best to read in different voices and with enthusiasm so she can enjoy it. :D I also think reading aloud helps your baby develop language too because they are listening to you talk to them. Sometimes Miss A stares at me while I'm reading the book instead of looking at the pages... funny but as long as she's enjoying it, it's allll good!

Bedtime Routine
  1. Bottle
  2. Change Diaper
  3. Pajamas
  4. Story Time/ Cuddle Time <3
  5. Crib with Winnie the Pooh mobile playing

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