November 30, 2011

10 Things I Love About Being a Mommy

It really is the little things that bring the most joy to life.
[In no particular order.]
  1. Baby Smiles: My baby can smile when I'm in the worst mood ever and that will be enough to make me smile too. I can be so angry and then she'll laugh at me and suddenly I feel all better, if only for a few minutes. 
  2. Baby Milestones: Any new thing my baby learns is enough to celebrate! The first time she reached for her toys... The first time she rolled over... The first time she used a bottle.. The first time she rode in her car seat home from the hospital... The first time in her stroller... The first time she made a noise other than crying... The first time she smiled... laughed... cooed... screeched! The first time she took a bath... The first time she put her own pacifier in her mouth. I can't wait until she crawls, sits up by herself, starts eating solids, and walks by herself! All these firsts make me grab my camera, call my mom and tell her, and write them down in her baby book. Depending on the milestone, it's even enough to grab a glass of wine with Bill after dinner! It's just exciting that she's growing and learning new things. I guess I can't really explain why it's exciting. It just is. 
  3. I Get to Be a Kid Again on the Holidays: I am taking my daughter to see Santa Claus this month! How cool! I can't even remember the last time I visited Santa. It's been quite some time...! I get to be the one to make sure Santa enjoys his milk & cookies that we set out! ;) And as long as she's been a good baby, she'll get to open presents from Santa. We will get to visit the Easter Bunny too! And do fun holiday activities like Easter egg hunts and dressing up at Halloween. I still dress up for Halloween but it's going to be fun to share the holiday excitement with our daughter.
  4. Snuggle/Cuddle Time: I never knew how cute babies were... I really never realized how precious they are. They are tiny, little baby humans... haha! Think about it. It's crazy that they will grow up into one of us someday! I looove taking naps with my baby. She snuggles her head on my chest and falls asleep... like a little angel! [until she wakes up crying!] Her cheeks are so pudgy and round. It's hard not to wake her by giving her so many kisses! Now she doesn't love cuddling 24/7, but when she starts rubbing her eyes, that's my cue to wrap her in a blanket and rock her in my arms! It warms my heart <3. 
  5. Playing Dress Up: I love dressing my baby in cute little outfits. Since I have a girl, I love putting her in dresses and cute floral pants. I was lucky to have a baby born with some hair so we put little headbands, flowers, bows, and ribbons in her hair to doll her up. She's so beautiful! I'm hoping we will have a baby boy next because I just love little boy slacks and flannel or button up long sleeve shirts. I will put a little stylish cap on him. Awww.. I just love baby clothes. The coolest thing is that with babies they will look cute in almost anything you put on them!
  6. Showing Her Off: It's so fun bringing my baby everywhere because people are just drawn to babies! I had random strangers coming up to me in stores when I was pregnant and now that I have my baby, they're still coming up to me! I don't mind though. They all point and talk to her in a funny baby voice. "Aww look at the wittle baaaby guwrll". It's great. I feel so proud to be the one that gets to keep her! :D
  7. Playing Peek-A-Boo, Supergirl, & The Itsy Bitsy Spider: These are currently my baby's favorite games. We can play peek-a-boo anywhere and everywhere and she'll just have a blast. Same thing for Supergirl... I lift her in the air and she smiles sooo big! Right when I say Supergirl, she starts smiling because she knows what's gonna happen next. Her absolute favorite song is the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I sing this song over and over doing the hand motions because she absolutely loves it. If she's crying... even screaming I can sing this song and she'll stop and listen to it. I know this category is very similar to the Baby Smiles one but this is different because I am the one making her happy. It's comforting that she likes her mommy and that I can entertain her. :D
  8. More Extended Family Time: We already keep in touch with our families pretty well. But since babies grow so fast, everyone wants to see her more so they don't miss out on her growing up! That means we all get to see more of our families. Now we already do see our families quite a bit, but let's face it... people are drawn to babies! It puts an increase on the number of visitors! :D No big deal. 
  9. Learning a New Way of Life: I am not a different person now that I'm a mother but I am learning how to live differently. I can't do everything the same way that I used to because I have a baby to take care of and to guide growing up. I can't just stay out til midnight whenever I feel like. There are cons of having a baby that interfere with the sudden change in your life but I'm seeing a new perspective of life now. I understand some of the life of a mother. I still have LOTS of learning because I only have a four month old! But I think about how I was when I was a baby and what my mom went through... and all mothers that I know. I understand new things... It's just interesting how I suddenly have a different lifestyle. I have to do a little planning now. That's all. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy my life.
  10. WE MADE OUR BABY! : No one else can make the same exact baby we did. She is unique to Bill & I. I'm just bewildered by this still. My baby grew inside of me and came out of thin air! Well, it feels like it anyways! It's just a weird feeling that's kind of neat to think about.
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