November 25, 2011

Munchkin Food Nets

I recently bought a Munchkins Food Net for my teething (?) baby. These food nets are amazing! Right now she is only four and a half months, so we haven't really started solid foods yet. I still plan on waiting awhile longer before introducing solids but since she appears to be teething, I've been peeling apples and putting them inside the food nets for her. This way she has a nutritious, soothing toy to chew on. The first time we gave it to her she absolutely loved it. She chewed/sucked on the food net like a popsicle. It's sooo cuute and funny! It really was a lifesaver. After hours of fussing/screaming, this was the only thing that calmed her. I'm almost positive it was soothing her gums. I recommend these to all teething babies, especially if they aren't doing well with solids yet. These nets have a handle that snaps tightly shut, preventing the food chunks from entering the baby's mouth. Later, when we start to give her more solids, I'll put more fruits and vegetables inside. But until she's at least six months, I'm only putting apples in them. :)

Baby Steps also makes their own version of the food net. I haven't tried this one but it serves the same purpose as the Munchkins version.  

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