May 25, 2011

Nausia Returns? [At 32 weeks!]

Pregnancy is not all sunshine, flowers, and rainbows. It has its flaws...

I felt nauseous for the first 11 weeks of my pregnancy. I remember being so paranoid that I was going to feel sick and queasy for the entire pregnancy. I heard horror stories from friends and family of them being nauseous/puking to the extreme throughout their entire pregnancy. So I was relieved that the terrible symptoms went away right before my first trimester ended. After that I only became nauseous when I didn't eat enough throughout the day. For example, if I ate breakfast at 8am and waited until 1pm to eat lunch, I would feel sick until I put some food in my stomach. I'd have to have small snacks throughout the day to prevent nausea. And it worked.

But now guess what's back to haunt me at 32 weeks pregnant? Incurable nausea from the first trimester. I rarely threw up [only once or twice] but I felt nauseous 24/7 and nothing would cure it. For the past week I have felt sick before and after I eat. I don't have any special tricks to make me feel better either. Today I was officially nauseous all day long. I work in silence sitting at a computer... so feeling like I'm about to throw up all day does not help my concentration... and it makes work last even longer.

I'm assuming this is normal...  FML.

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