May 21, 2011

My 5 Reasons for Choosing Our Baby's Name

I have good news! We have officially decided what the name of our baby girl will be. Unfortunately for everyone reading, I will not be announcing her name until she is born. This way I am preventing myself from hearing any comments that will flare up my pregnancy hormones and cause me to feel mad, sad, bitter, annoyed, etc! We like our name and do not want to be influenced in any direction, for or against our name choice. However, I will share with you how we decided upon the name. Some reasons may be silly or simple but here is my list.

1. It sounds pretty.
2. It looks pretty written out. [There are no abnormal/funky/ridiculous spellings that will confuse everyone!]
2. The full name "flows" and creates a nice rhythm.
3. It's unique enough but nothing crazy or new. [Like Moroccan or Nevaeh]
4. My fiancĂ© likes the name even more than I do. [This is great because it is nice to see him have such a strong opinion on something for once. And it's just so precious... a daddy talking about his baby girl. *Tear* ♥]
5. We like the sound of all three of our names listed off together. [A real family!]

Basically, we just like the name.

People often name their children one thing or the other for several specific reasons, whether it be a traditional family name, a unique name, a Bible name, or the #1 trending name. Regardless of the reason, I think it is important that the parents genuinely like the name and that they take precautions for future possible insults. By this I mean, if your last name is "Slut" or "Dipshit" please do not name your child "Imma". That's rude and can emotionally wreck your child's life. Thanks.

Feel free to share your reasons for choosing your child's name. You can even list names you completely despise. The comments only bother me if you are directly telling me that you hate our name choice in person, [after knowing that's what we already decided on]! But you don't know and therefore there's no harm that can be done.

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